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"You can leave if you don't want to be here." - Dora looked at her son, hoping he will reject the offer.
Tobias wanted to so badly to support his mother, but it was so damn hard. How is he supposed to agree to this? This all felt so wrong.
"Everything for you, mother. You will not go through this alone. "
Dora smiled, relieved to hear his answer. "You are such a good boy, I can only imagine how hard this must all be for you. I am sorry this is all happening, but I hope you understand that this is the only way for me. I simply can not continue like this anymore."
Tobias looked in his mother's sad eyes. They were once vivid green and full of life as a forest in spring. Now there was no spark in them anymore, even the eyes have surrendered themselves to the disease. Her eyes were telling him a story of a lost battle, of an extinguished flame. Faced with the sad truth, Tobias broke down and started crying.
"Don't feel sorry for me boy. This is the best option for me."- Dora wiped the tears from her son's face for the last time. She grabbed Tobias's hand and whispered: "I love you."
Before Tobias pulled himself together, his mother had already swallowed a fistful of pills. Tobias squeezed her hand as hard as he could, but his mother was no more.
"Farewell mom"


This is my entry for #foxtales contest hosted by @vermillionfox. The contest and source of the picture can be found here https://steemit.com/art/@vermillionfox/week-21-fox-tales-announcing-last-week-s-winners-and-a-new-story-image


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WTH?!?! hahahaha, I love your ability to shock and surprise me with your stories :D

Thank you. "Life is a box of chocolates"

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