Stuck... A Fox Tale

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Anastasia stared at her phone's screen and fought back the weird feeling rising in her stomach. She had read the message over and over, and now she hardly even saw the text anymore. She already knew it by heart. And as she slowly reflected on what it meant, the tears began to well up in her eyes. It had been a long and difficult three years since her parents had separated. Being the eldest of three children, the others still teenagers, Anna had been left to lap up most of the baggage that came with the divorce of her parents. And it had taken its toll on her. Sometimes in the last three years she'd felt like her parents had divorced her, not each other. They had both seemingly got on with their lives, content with allowing Anna steer the broken ship of the rest of the family. If it hadn't been for Sam, her fiancé, she'd probably had cracked months ago. But he had been there almost every step of the way, and he had helped her mend and steady this rocking ship that was her broken family. And she and Sam were meant to be married next month, even though they hadn't made the news public yet. Only now the wild waves of her parents had returned to rock their lives once again... The tears flowed from her eyes as she read the message one more time.. "Anna beloved, your mum and I are getting back together. How do you and the boys feel about a wedding next month?"... Anna wiped her tears. She knew how she felt... Like she'd just managed to pull a tight fitting cloth over her head, only to find out that she may have to wear it again. She felt stuck...



This one's for you Foxy Princess. Time heals all...

Written for @vermillionfox's Foxtales Contest


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