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RE: Since you’ve been gone

in #foxtales5 years ago

So much emotion in such succinct lines. The imagery comes across so well, the clinging cold of the shadow marking your day. I love the jar of flies analogy, buzzing around, too enclosed to really fly. Beautiful <3


Thank you very much. I got the image from an Alice In Chains album cover and did some research. They made an experiment in school to study the effects of overpopulation. To watch the flies die as a kid had some impact on the singer

Oh jeez, that sounds like quite the class project, I suspect that it would seriously affect how someone valued life. I have never really listened to Alice In Chains, give me a good song to start :)

Hm they are pretty depressing to listen to so be warned xD but u can listen to the song „down in a hole“

Ooo yeah! I will listen to this tonight, I need things that are less upbeat if I have any hope of sitting down and getting stuff done so depressing may be just what i'm after :)

Still not sure if it’s the right song xD but don’t know your taste in music

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