Foxtales Week #15 - Helen

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Every time it rains very hard, my restless eyes are calmed. The rain brings forth tranquility I have dearly missed and an imagery I longed to see again. It reminds me of you, a playful spirit and a lavender tempest. "A puddle of water is a puddle of joy, Gerard." I don't know how you can say that with a very straight face. For a guy that detests lightning, fever and cold, it's very magical and quite stupid. You don't give a damn about it, and you give a very bright smile that irritates me more. How did I befriend this stubborn childish girl? How did I befriend her when all I really wanted was more than that? Yeah it sucks to have fallen in love with your best friend. Once it stormed so hard you can't see a thing, you ran and play underneath it while I was stuck with an umbrella, carrying your stuff. You're so perverse. Even so, you blend with the gloomy lavender rain admirably. It reminds me how out of my league I am. It makes me weak, coward, afraid to tell my feelings for you. You are the only wish the brightest stars didn't give me. Then out of the blue, I woke up. I remembered, three years ago was rough. Three years ago, you left, without bidding goodbye. You left before I get the chance to confess my unrequited love for you. How dare you turn my lively eyes into sorrowful, restless and regretful orbs. So many days I have wasted. So many rains I have missed. I should have played with you, when you were still alive. I should have lived the moment with you. I should have told you the words you longed to hear. Helen, it's raining so hard right now. It's not the usual rain you enjoy, I bet. It's a gray and sorrowful and regretful rain. I guess we all have our firsts. I hope while I'm dancing to the tune of skies' requiem, my feelings will reach you. I know you are now playing with the sweetest rain, free from the world's toxicity. I hope these puddles could wash away my sadness, my longing of you. I will be okay, not now but maybe sooner. I never knew healing hurts more than the wound.

Hello everyone. This is my official entry for Week #15 Fox Tales by @vermillionfox, a one paragraph story writing contest. This is my first time joining this by the way. The contest said to write a story based on what you can interpret from the given picture. It was tricky and challenging hahaha. I hope you enjoyed it.


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