A FOX DRAWING: with eyes like embers

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This is a fox drawing I made this year. The reference photo is by skia https://skia.deviantart.com/art/Redfur-204250274
I have never seen a fox nor was I that fond of them but as I stare into its eyes and after drawing it, i find its very attractive and mysteriously powerful.

Here it is
steemit fox.jpg

we named him wembley the fox.
"Look out!" as if the fox is looking at danger, poachers, hunters.
Foxes are often victims of fur farms. it is terrible really! dont wear fur. they belong intact to the skin and alive on the animal.
the beauty of nature shouldnt be abused.

I used mistubishi japan colored pencils, mostly red and orange and yellow and brown for this fox and inking the outline of the eyes to make it pop out.
here is a wip pic

fox1.jpgfox2.jpg Do you like foxes? do you draw?
tell me what you think! Hope you like it!

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That's amazing!!!! What on earth?! Pure talent there. I love foxes and I also draw and can appreciate something amazing when I see it. Well done, got yourself an upvote, follow and a resteem x

Hi there! Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. fox eyes are so mesmerizing im looking forward to making more foxes in the future. You can search up "ayla the fox" she was rescued from a fur farm. She is the cutest thing ive seen. ill be drawing more :) and some more concept art as well. Thank you so much! I just joined and submitted stories today! your appreciation means a lot to me :) THANK YOUUUU!

You are a true artist. This could be a photo. Just perfect!

awwww well the fox and the owl are my most realistic so far! getting there! :D thank you so much :D

Yes, you are! :))

thank youuuu for all your kind comments! have a great day :D

Wow just amazing 🙏❤️

mille grazie ----is that thanks a lot? hahaha

Very impressive work! The reflection and amount of detail in those beautiful eyes is breathtaking. As a fellow artist, I salute you! :))

Hello there! thank you so much for the appreciation! ot means a lot to me :D thank youuuuu. salute to u too!