Foundation Proposal's. As things come to a close.

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Howdy folks'.

Which door will open next?

I have been very vocal in type on my idea's of the Foundation proposal,vocal too in some parts against some of the structure involved in other proposals. I have also criticized how some of the things evolved and spoke of the outcome inevitable. I am upfront about my opinions and often they land me in the deep end. Maybe I could word things better with more diplomacy, avoiding some of the drama that will follow.

The things I have expressed should open up a debate not an argument. How we respond to something said, with a defence of what is or a discussion about the difference of what is and what could have been or what might be in the future. To some degree we are always in the same position. We are were we are at the present time. Even things spoken against can be a positive thing. In some cases it can highlight something which can altered for future parts of the project.

Believe me, I know I am not the easiest person to understand when I talk. An understanding of the proposal and the prospects it can provide with amplitude over time. This would take more than the post you have read and the time we have talked in the Discord voice chats.

I did hope the course of this project would play out differently. I do think though the task given was a tough one, The limited response the project got from the wider community I think was very weak. Confidence in the system the platform whatever the case may be, The community interaction, I feel was a weak one (volume wise). This is a learning curve we all go through together.

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On a personal level. I feel I have done better than I anticipated. Expanding a wider audience to the basics of the concept has been achieved. Some have seen some potential for the project. I did get a few DM's in Discord and a few positive messages to some of the posts. Also some interest in the concept from another proposal. This is more than I expected and the boost to the ego they provide is a good feeling.

I think we have to evolve a method to prevent ownership of this project by any entity other than the Steem Chain itself. Establish a constitution of what the foundation is and t's goals along with parameters of code and conduct inclusive of those staffing positions.

I do know this is something I would need help with from various parts of the community. I also do not know who is best to fill which position. It did offer 13 different positions of equal power. Each having an ability to develop to the needs of the individual, while still have the support of of a community. Each part of the project can not work under the same guides as the others. Over time these positions will need to be filled by qualified positions, and an establishment of our own legal team and not contracted out to private firm may prove beneficial.

The concept I put forward is one for long term benefits and does nothing for the Steem Chain immediately.

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No matter which concept is chosen, Those of us who were involved in the meetings in Discord, on the Steem Chain or voted. We should all get behind the proposal chosen to succeed. It will be were we are and working with it in a positive manner will make the Chain stronger ideally. Who know's maybe It will help me reach a dollar a day. We can only work with what we have and do the best we can from there. Or develop something new to do the things that we cannot do yet.

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There is interest, in a foundation. What will be chosen is what will be. A nice thing about this whole process, is like I have read in other post the chosen one does not need to be the only one. people are now up to and aware that small groups can make a difference in the quality of steem, and have learned that steem does not need to just stay residing on the block chain. That it can go off-track so to speak to reach a wider segment of the worlds population. Free power/electricity for a few from steem powered projects, a worthy goal.


Might never get it down to free. We can establish a certain level of guarantee for everyone to have some power/energy all of the time.

All I can say (ads to this post) is what I have been saying over and over again:

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