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RE: DeCentraSteem - final proposal for a decentralised structure in favour of communities on Steem

Many thanks for your comment, which gives me the possibility to explain our proposal a little bit more.

"2000 SP + 5 actors" is not meant to be a cut-off against malicious actors but to prevent too many nonsense circles to be proposed. Even more, a higher threshold could prevent good ideas from being developed.

DeCentraSteem is actually an invitation to create as many circles as you want, as long as they serve the purpose of the foundation. If a working circle doesn't serve the purpose, rule no 8 gives Steemians the possibility to stop it from doing so. If somebody would create a lot of working circles not in line with the foundations' purpose, this individual would very soon lose a lot of time in mediation procedures.

Btw: the whole logic of this kind of organisation is to focus on the positive aspects of human collaboration, trusting people than rather then setting up a "perfect" system of avoiding malicious behaviour. Sometimes the trade-off will indeed be a working circle not fully in line with the purpose for a short time.

Please compare this with the huge effort centralised systems put into their control tasks. Furthermore, their trade-off is that a large part of people dosn't identify with the system (company, administration...) they work in, since they have the feeling they are confronted with distrust all the time. This then leads to a loss in engagement and effectivity.


Thank you for you kind and inciteful reply. I'm working on a post where I offer my opinion on the proposals. This will be helpful for what I thought was a potential issue. It seems it is something that has been discussed.

You are welcome. I read your post, asking proposals to present themselves in one or two tweets. Good idea! We tried to deliver something like that for the last post of Steemalliance, probably ending up with three posts.

DeCentraSteem is designed to strengthen communities on Steem blockchain. A decentralised structure is proposed., made of a network of ever-changing self-organised working circles. Any group of Steemians may set up such a working circle, making DeCentraSteem a highly flexible and community-based system. The circles work within a rule-set covering fund generation and distribution, interaction of circles and strategic alignment within the foundation. Guidance is given by the common purpose of strengthening communities and a set of goals derived from this purpose. No central body is foreseen. The foundation itself is no legal entity. Every working-circle may choose its own legal entity.

Please, don't hesitate to answer any question or share your doubts. Quality of DeCentraSteem grows with every challenge - that's why there is rule no 9 on creating new rules.

Looking forward to your post. btw: did you realise? jackmiller just retracted his proposal?

Thanks. I will include your brief. I do plan on doing a post where I compare and contrast but I want to look more in detail and ask questions first. More proposals may go or change.
5 proposals are going to be easier than 6. I liked his proposal it was first and it seemed serious and fair. There are a few very good proposals left. Ten was overwhelming. Your proposal already has a great discriptive name. My recommendation is try to get an infographic.

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Yes, I liked Jack‘s as well. Will try to get that infographic. Anybody you would recommend?

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I don't really have anyone to recommend. Whenever I need them I pay or use googleDraw/powerpoint templates.
I think visualizing how the circles work together and individually would be good.

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