Top 5 reasons to vote for Foundation Structure Proposal by Upheaver

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TL;DR version:

The goal of this proposal is to create and grow a sustainable ecosystem around Steem blockchain and to make Steem the leading blockchain for decentralized apps and communities worldwide.

The proposal features a robust fiat based management structure, fundraising through corporate and individual membership fees, various types of funding activities and on-chain advisory role for Steem community.

You can vote for Foundation Structure Proposal by Upheaver via this link from April 10to until April 24th (9:10 PM UTC) and everyone is welcome to vote as pre-registration is no longer required.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose this proposal over the competition.

Reason #1: it's well funded

It's not funded by delegations and does not drain or even participate in the reward pool.
Instead the foundation will collect membership fees from private and corporate partners who want to support and build on Steem technology and community.

Exercise: Imagine for a second if Steemit Inc. would be funded by delegations alone... How would that affect reward pool? Pretty bad, right? So why should we do the same?

Reason #2: it's professionally staffed

Running a foundation is a hard and very demanding job which requires domain expertise, broad range of skills and industry connections. Professional leadership team will be hired by the board to ensure that the foundation can continuously raise funds, expand its partnerships and support Steem ecosystem for many years to come without interruptions or distractions.

Having full time professional staff is orders of magnitude more effective than having volunteers / enthusiasts working on their free time and without pay, and it's normal for foundations to spend part of their yearly operational budget (5-15%) to pay its staff in order to fulfill their primary mission.

Reason #3: it does not reinvent the wheel

While it might be tempting to apply blockchain concepts of anonymity and stake weighed voting to a legal structure in the real world, in most cases it will be impossible to implement them due to legal restrictions and various governmental reporting rules.

The foundation instead follows a well established and known legal structure (an elected board of directors which hires CEO and the leadership team) with no blockchain principles but also no hidden surprises.

Reason #4: it has real leadership

C-level leadership of the foundation hired by the board will be public and visible individuals, they can provide the much needed leadership and direction, gather communities around important ideas and be the familiar faces for companies who want to work with Steem blockchain.

This cannot be achieved by a decentralized or anonymous structure. To put it bluntly: CEOs don't take meetings with online avatars. Leadership only works when it's present and accessible.

Reason #5: it's simple

This proposal does not have much open-ended schemes or things that need to be solved by trial and error. It simply gathers funds via memberships and it spends those funds on foundation's main mission via funding programs and direct investment. The simplicity of this proposal almost makes it boring, but in my view it also makes it stable and sustainable.

Learn More

If you are interested in the full proposal, please give it a read.
Full proposal can be read in English and Spanish

Vote Now!

Cast your vote today on this link for "Foundation Structure Proposal" by @upheaver and make Steem a better place!


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Voting now!. =) make steem a better place

Some solid ideas but people prefer populism and dreams.
Best of luck.

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Thank you for this valuable article. I am voting now.

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  ·  last month (edited)

Thanks for sharing. :) I m voting now.

Reason #1:
Why would anyone pay membership fees?
Your whole proposal lives or dies on the ability of getting people to pay you fees.
Reason #2:
Where will you get this professional staff and how will you pay them? Most people that work on STEEM, work for pocket change or for free. Im not sure membership fees (that i dont think you will even be able to collect) would cover the wages of a team of professionals.
Reason #3:
Without substantional funds the structure doesnt matter. You cant force people into a contract here and without that your structure will fall apart as soon as

  1. Funds run out.
  2. Enough time passes and the foundation isnt as interesting to be involved in.
    Which is actually why you do need Neds SP.

Reason #4:
Same as the rest.

Reason #5:

It doesnt seem simple because its really not. I looked at the structure and the voting process. People dont understand what private keys are and this just adds another layer of confusion.

I see you put a lot of work in this and the effort is easily seen. You will get a thumbs up by people for your contribution and all that.....but the truth of the matter is that this is all either wishful thinking or cant work in practice.

  ·  last month (edited)

Private keys? I don't have blockchain based voting anywhere in my foundation, nor I mention private keys in my proposal.

This foundation is based on a proven model - take a look at Linux foundation to get an idea on what kind of corporate members a technology foundation might attract.

Personal memberships are more of a way for individuals to feel supportive of the effort, it won't add much to the bottom line (majority of funds will come from corporate members, the first member being Steemit Inc.)

Why Steemit Inc. invests in the ecosystem? Because they have a product built on it and they want to see it grow. Same logic applies to any potential corporate sponsor - if we get them to build their product on Steem, they will want to support the ecosystem.

As for staff - I probably should not have to explain how recruitment usually works? You reach out to HR companies and post job ads and hire dedicated talent. Some of it might come from Steem community, but realistically most of it will be career professionals from outside Steem.

Hope that answers your questions.


Private keys were used as an example of people having trouble absorbing new information.

I can name you a 100 proven models, doesnt mean they will work on STEEM.

Utopian cant get 30k USD of funding and is one of the most important projects on STEEM and you somehow think you will be able to collect enough membership fees to give out wages to a team of professionals.
Steemit inc has 70 some million STEEM and they had to fire people...

Im sorry but this is all wishful thinking....
Great contribution though..

But here, ill set something up..
@remind-me in 3 months

That should be enough time for something to happen. Then we can discuss all this again. Good luck in the election.




Hey @lordbutterfly, I will notify you on July 13th 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )

Congratulations @upheaver!
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Great, my vote will cost 10.000 stee.,thanks

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I only have 9.600 stee, sorry.


So how do you improve steem economics is a very interesting question.

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So you call yourself WELL FUNDED???

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@upheaver, Without any doubt it's important to vote for the Foundation Structure Proposal because in a way it will also going to reflect what structure Steem Masses want and what type of Ecosystem they want to develop on Steem Blockchain. Let's see which proposal will move forward and I've placed my vote.

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