Spring beauty #2

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Greetings to all who looked at my blog!

Well, now March has passed for the middle, so - Spring is coming! Spring is the way! amazing month, the weather changes every five minutes.

After the winter in which there was practically no snow, the gray and the mud was a bit tired, so the spring, rare sun warms the soul with its every ray!)

The first crocuses and snowdrops are so pleasing that it is difficult to convey in words! After all, this is the beginning of the beginning! And then it will only be more beautiful!) I share my spring beauty!

IMG_3080 (2).JPG

So small and beautiful! Barely making his way, reach up .... passers-by without noticing, run, run, run ..... and it is right, you can say under your feet! The first spring flowers!

IMG_3071 (2).JPG

Вся нежность и изящность, собралась в подснежниках..

IMG_2950 (2).JPG

Спасибо всем за внимание и за вашу поддержку!

С уважением @olechkarud

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Beautiful flowers @olechkarud, I think that flower is Lily. :)🙁😃

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