The Spring wild asparagus

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, Wild asparagus tastes delicious in the spring after rain, the sun shines on the second day, so the earth is moist as the sun warms the earth and gives warmth - it quickly sprouts.
, When it comes to fighting wild asparagus, there is one legend that follows that plant
, the first asparagus you pick is to eat it so the snakes don't bite you
, this is just their start to growth so there are very few of them just started Spring and they are hiding well
, In the past, asparagus was a delicacy of giants and rich people, as the main menu of the kitchen contains the deep ingredients of vitamins A, K, B, C and E, folic acid, iron, copper, fiber, manganese, potassium, choline, zinc, magnesium and selenium.
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, while today there are market places and in the villages it is the main course and many can prepare for the winter
, it takes another day to get enough
, i like to go with this equipment in asparagus i'm somehow more comfortable moving through the bush shrubs, many use nylon bags in which they put or simply hold in hand
, some as far as asparagus just don't find them don't see any asparagus
, the reason is that its spiny bush should be monitored and it touches the ground and there is a good view of the greener tones of light green to dark brown.
, this is also one of the reasons I have marked blue in the photos to make asparagus easier to see
, there are also those asparagus that simply emerges from the clear soil from the seed or someone or something has removed the asparagus
, they are harder for me to find because I do not hope to have them and they are rarely on the clear path because they search the bushes
, they can be so small and can be up to 2 meters long
, this one is as long as a wooden raccoon handle, this is how I cut and push the bushes
, this is one in the distance
, and came to her and picked her up
, asparagus before you pick it up gently at the bottom and you go up it itself it breaks melons soft and juicy that part of us needs to eat and what remains of that part will grow new asparagus which we will pick up in a day and by that we know was before us like this
, if we hold in our hand when we do not have baskets or nylon bags
, i put in the basket and went home for an hour or so enough
, since today I will not prepare them tomorrow, then gently so that I do not crush them, I send them so that all the heads of asparagus are upwards into a small bouquet this time small and can be large
, I put them so stacked in a glass of water that they do not wilt that they do not dry and solidify until tomorrow the day I want to prepare them for eating
, small spring bouquet arrangement on the kitchen table very charming



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