The corruption and mismanagement within the child protective services in Manitoba goes right to the top.

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Here is an article that speaks on level of mismanagment that those who run the machine that is Child and Family Services. The computers systems are out dated and have been so for years. The article is quoted as saying "Ted Hughes oversaw the 2012 inquiry into the death of Phoenix Sinclair, a five-year-old girl who was killed in 2005 by her mother and mother’s boyfriend. In his final report, Hughes recommended the computer system used by child and family services should be replaced without delay." And More than four years later, Hughes says he is disappointed the system, which has been plagued with problems, is still being used." And as well as"The former NDP government promised to replace the system multiple times. The current Conservative government says a new system won’t be considered until after an overhaul of Child and Family Services legislation, which could take years."

We cannot wait years to have proper computers to help keep track of those most vulnerable. We should be able to have live updates to how many kids are in care and what types of placements they are in. Also kids in care should have regular access to computers and knowledge from the internet. We cannot wait years for these things to take place as more families are torn apart, as more youth lose themselves to the overgrown cancer Child and Family Services has become. The "Progressive" Conservatives would do well to protect youth in care and do more to stop the legal kidnappings of our provinces youth.

Here is an article about how they do not track kids in care that are placed in hotels. The article mentions those in CFS and some in government say the problem is solved yet critics say otherwise. The article is quoted as "The Progressive Conservative government, elected a year ago, no longer collects or posts the data, and says it believes the problem has been solved." And "Andrea Slobodian, press secretary to Families Minister Scott Fielding, wrote in an email this week. "Hotel use is not tracked as it is not permitted." And yet the critics say otherwise. The article is also quoted as saying "But Cora Morgan, the children's advocate for First Nations in Manitoba, said she believes hotel rooms are still being used. She said she saw evidence last New Year's Eve, when her family took a mini-vacation at a Winnipeg hotel.
"We were in the pool and there were four First Nations kids there with a support worker," she said. The Office of the Children's Advocate, an arm's-length provincial watchdog, said hotel use should still be tabulated.
"We should be tracking every way that we're interacting with children who are in care of the system," spokesperson Ainsley Krone said.
"The types of placements that they're staying in -- whether those are group homes or whether those are foster homes or whether they're hotels -- all of that information should be known."

In the information age what does that even mean ? How does one not keep track of this ? If a child is removed from a home and placed into a hotel do the just put not applicable as an address ? Wake up... They want to hide, confuse, manage the public outcry against them. They used to keep track but suddenly don't. This is more manipulations from a machine that destroyes families by stealing kids from families which often fails to protect those kids and more often fails to nurture them, help them become good upstanding people. And the issue of tracking kids in placements could be done rather easily with technology. They are not trust worthy as they constantly deceive or try to paint a different picture then the truth. Yet they oversee the provinces most vulnerable youth and struggling families.

We don't have years to wait for these people within governement and Child and Family Services to overhaul things.

For years we have been promised change and the only thing that has changed is the faces that tell us stuff like "we will reduce the number of kids in care" and "we have the childs best interest at heart" also "we like to keep families together."

Do not ask for change... Bring it.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

I wonder what percent of kids in care in Manitoba are native? I consider foster care to be a continuation of the 60s scoop

80 to 90 percent of kids in care are native...

That's messed up

As the Who says new boss same as the old boss. We won't be fooled again. This criminal ring is global in nature and that is one of the things that prevents the change. If it was local or even state or national it would be easier to command change. Thanks @cfs.leaks

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I read your post. Now I know that news. Thanks for sharing.

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