For @dailybitcoinnews, with all his talk of "all seeing" and "third eyes"...

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I give you Odontocyclops.

By Nkansahrexford , CC BY 3.0, Link

The hole in the middle of old Cyclops's head is the pineal eye.

Monitor lizards, Komodo dragons and some iguanas still have a pineal eye.

It's like a regular eye, the difference is it is covered by a thick scale and can only sense light.

It is used to track the length of the day and therefore manage fluctuations in circadian and other rhythms of cold blooded reptiles.

Mammals lost theirs when they went warm blooded and temperature management was no longer so much of an issue.

We still have a vestigial bundle of neurons in the brain called the pineal gland. A throw back to pre-dinosaur days when mammals split from reptiles and went warm blooded.

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I recommend the reading of this post by @herpetologyguy on the third eye of the lizards. It is really worthy! :)

Thanks for the link...


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Thank You, Very Informative, as usual! (On a lighter note, I now know where the song Hot Blooded by Foreigner , came from)

Nice, @gavvet! :)
Thanks for the mention.
These would be cool to see roaming around.

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That's so cool! It's in my personal file of #TIL

Interesting! :)

@gavvet on the 15th Dec I am going to Cradle of human kind in Krugersdorp....I am very interested in the fossils you been posting....I will email you more pictures.

Have a blast... are you going to Maropeng, Sterkfontein or both?

I am not sure yet because is part of the year end function.