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The forum is for testing and development on how chainBB works as platform for collective games or CCG:s The focus is on the narrative games not in arcade or videogames played collectively... as I have no idea how that could be implemented.

The forum is in:

https://chainbb.com/f/community-controlled games

Jump in if you:

are a storyteller and would like to start a thread
are an illustrator and would like to make an imagined world to become a real
are an DJ:and would like to set the right mood for everyone
are a player looking for good times ...or bad, depending on the setting
are a lurker and want to see some quality fiction forming right before your very eyes.

Let`s play a civ/quest/evo/what ever -game!


Help Request for an Ambitious Project


I have a very ambitious project eating away at me - and would appreciate Steemit Community input!

Essentially, I plan to launch a project which combines elements of Steem Transactions (likely using a STEEM Smart Media Token ICO), content creation, user account management, and role play gaming.

What information and details would a developer need from me to be able to look at a project like this and say “Oh! I can tackle that content publishing platform, user management system, STEEM transaction integration, and role play gaming mechanics project!”

What kinds of info should I approach GitHub, or Upwork, or another freelance programmer site with?

I don't want to limit the project by what code I DON'T know. But I would love to give life to this massive idea - and share in the rewards with someone (or a team of developers) who would be passionate and interested in the project as well!

Your thoughts much appreciated,
AE Jackson
[email protected]