Tiktok Trend of the day goes to the popular video game Fortnite

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If you dare Tiktok... Type in #emoteroyalecontest. You'll find a competition where your emote may land in one of the worlds hottest MMO games. The massive multiplayer online first person shooter has won the hearts of a lot of gamers. There are fairy tale stories here where emotes are selected from this type of challenge.

Take a look at my first entry into the #emoteroyalecontest
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This is my idea for manifesting a box that morphs into a snowball. The snowball is tossed. And, when it breaks items pop out that can assist the player in game. Obviously, my thoughts of things may be extra at times. However, it would be cool to be able to purchase an emote that comes with a box of goodies.

Better late than never! Completed! The Steemit post a day has been created!

I hope all of you are able to keep your 2020 goals. I'm sure I can keep this streak going for at least a little while!

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