Fortnite Stories 01: Two Victories! Winning my second game!

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Story One: The Storm - Victory Royale #001

This was my second game, the first solo game I played I was hiding behind a door, armed with a pistol and my nerves, but someone jumped around the corner and gunned me down.

The next game I played it much safer, I crouched 90% of the time, only breaking from that low profile mode to sprint into cover. I followed the natural slopes of the landscape, using the cover of the land to blend in.

The players whittled themselves down, I found myself in a valley, with under 15 players left. I sneaked in between two player built towers that had players inside each - they were firing at each other. It was intense. They didn’t notice me as I moved undetected through the gunfight, soon it was only 5 players, and I made my way towards the circle.

The circle was closing in on a piece of high ground with no accessible terrain to reach it. I waited for the opportune time to move, and was able to ambush an unsuspecting player trying to build on the side of the cliff, trying to get on the high ground. I quickly eliminated him with my sub-machine gun. I gathered his loot and made my way behind an RV.

The last two players were still hiding in their towers, fighting. I decided to use psychological warfare on them, and fired suppressing rounds at the towers for a brief moment. I could tell they both panicked, and I figured they were badly wounded. I stayed hidden, and I knew they would be scared to try to make an escape attempt.

I was right.

The storm swooped in, and confirmed my suspicion. They both died quickly, having low health - the storms high damage wiped them out, as they were too focused on where I was shooting from.

And that’s how I won on my second game of fortnite battle royale.

Story Two: The Single Shot - Victory Royale #002

Another sneaky victory. I didn’t start finding players until there was about 15 people left, and by then my inventory was light anyways - it was the Solo Blitz mode, and the storm was aggressively chewing people up.

I engaged one opponent mid-duel after watching him fight for awhile, but I retreated after the storm started to close in, as well as the threat of flanking players made itself clear. I made my way around, and soon discovered I was in open ground. I hide as best I could, and - to my disbelief, I was able to find that a supply drop landed right behind me.

I found a gatling gun, a fireplace, and a bush camo. I decided to go for it. I put on the bush camouflage,


Yeah it was like that.

And then I stood in place.

You know - like a bush does!

Then I saw the last two players dueling.

I stayed hidden, until I lost my camo by sliding down a cliff and having it break off. The circle finally was going to be completely engulfed by the storm, so I decided to drop the campfire to heal myself, and prepare to try to survive in the storm.

However, I glanced over behind the tree I was using as cover, and in a moment it was all over. He must’ve saw my campfire and was trying to get the jump on me.

He used a jump pad and was gliding towards me, but I just - fired two clean shots into his parachuting body - and killed him, he crashed into the dirt, and died.

And I then won!

I had used stealth again to set myself up to take the game winning shot, and this time - it was a lot cleaner.

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nice post good story how u make that long story how???????

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