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Thinking of what to post.

Thinking about what to write about is the hardest thing to finish. Actually coming to a conclusion on what to write about. Yes there are many things that can be wrote about, or posted. But what of those things is worth it.

Well most anything I put out right now holds the value it gets from rewards I think. But the content of what is written has to have some kind of meaning. To myself anyway more than just words on a screen. I want to come up with a theme of sorts to write about so I have some kind of continuous post going out on a regular basis.

The only thing I can come up with is talking about the progress the account makes toward its 200K value. At this time investment into land and accommodation would begin, We are a ling long way away from that as of now.

I have tried this before with very little support. I guess the dream is mine and others do not see the end result. 200K is not the end goal, It is the start up goal, the amount needed to begin a physical world project that can begin to reduce the cost of living for people and enable them to progress along other paths they chose.


You think very long term

thank you I think

he does seem to

sometimes I think I think too much

now you are getting cryptic

cryptic on crypto lol

oh I like that can I use it?

Sure go for it


Keep thinkering with those thoughts

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thank you

you know thats a bot?

lol yup I know

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