Slow but growing

in #forthepeople5 months ago

baby steps

Still growing up to 5 Steem now. Also there is 0.60 SBD that was unexpected. So a little bonus there.

We might breach the 10 Steem mark by the end of the week, It sure is looking like it. Might just be a beginning start though.
Still every little bit helps and SBD seem to be worth more than Steem. Will keep plodding away at it and see how we go.

Missed a couple of days on the posts through the week. Missed earnings there. Still if 5 posts can be got out each week. it will still provide growth.

Really we are in a testing phase to this. Seeing how things can improve and if the improvement increases the improvement ratios. Basically if we can reach 10 Steem a week. How long will it take to make that 11 Steem and then 12 and so on to 20 and up to 50 or 100. Those are the targets we would be looking to reach to provide a base for investment into projects we can undertake.


Keep it up I got your back.

Thanks just finding what to write is the hard part

Post Hi Acta if you have nothing else to say

erm yea that might be just a bit spammy

guess so and no one likes eating spam haha

you should get on discord

nah I hate chat rooms

better than chatting on this like a forum

really hate them lol

They have voice chat too

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