Keep on going

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Keep on going.

Having the will to keep on going when not everything seems to work fairly, is probably one of the hardest times to keep positive.

In a situation like this, keep a focus on your goals and take those small steps (the rewards you gain) to progress. The progress might be slow, but with time you build up stronger and the rewards begin to grow. Compound your growth by reinvesting in yourself.

It might be hard to see now. Think about it like this. You want to reach 1 K. Each 0.001 you get toward that 1K is reducing the amount you need to get. Each reduction accumulated reduces the amount and increases the amount you can gain back by curating reward.

Working with such low numbers seem like it might take an infinity to reach the goal you set. There are other things that can help you grow and will present themselves as time goes by. If you stop now you will not meet those opportunities that will boost your growth and get you over hurdles you thought you would not even reach.

Keep on going with your posts and the ambitions you have, You can only walk through an open door once you have reached it.


There's a song in that somewhere

ditto to that

Thank you

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