Gotta post

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Must keep posting

To keep growing, need to keep posting.

Finding what to post is not so easy. But must get something out there or growth stops.

That anyone might actually read what is posted is another story all together. The only way to grow is to keep posting though. So that is what will happen a post a day about something. Mostly it might turn out to be just thoughts. Something is better than nothing. So long as it is on the positive side of things.

Growth has gained another 2 Steem bringing us up to 4 Steem in the bank roll. Still a long way from where we want to get but it is 4 less than was needed at the start.

With a bit of luck we will be over 10 Steem by the end of the week.

Every little bit counts and it all adds together to a greater sum. Which is were we want to be.


If you can keep at 2 a day it shows growth,

Slow but a beginning

10 a week is 520 a year

going to take a few years. lol

Anything better to do?

Keep at it, time will tell

Time reveals all they say.

Heals reveals and rewards effort

thats true, all of it.

If you could do one a day, that would be consistent progress

keep on typing

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