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Ambition of Hive

The ambition of Hive is to grow an amount worth investing into physical world industries that can begin to reduce the cost of living.

This will happen on a local basis to begin with and expand with growth to other regions providing a reduction to the cost of living.

The beginning of which will take place in Ireland and expand to other areas once an established base has been generated.

This is an ongoing project that has no end period.

The aim is to create an entity that is not owned or controlled by any individual, But has an agenda to reduce the costs of living. It will run on a constitution that as of now has yet to be developed and cannot vary from that constitution in its projects or ambitions.


I sit and wait for a reply

Feels like I talk to myself

things take a while a very long while

does anyone ever read these posts?

Probably not. But maybe one day.

guess you just keep on keeping on lol

One foot in front of the other.

or in this case one letter after the other

Oh a bit of a poet there

wouldn't say poet

But Thank You

Having an ambition or goal is always good

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