25th June

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Making progress is not so easy. Especially right now when things are just beginning.

We are getting places slowly though and moved up to 6 Steem. Still a long way from anywhere though.

Still remain positive for the future and things will begin to fall into place soon enough. I think the first goal of 10 might be a bit low to set and maybe starting with 25 or 50 or 100 and going up in those increments might look a bit better on a chart.

Now should the chart be a weekly one or a monthly one, or one for when targets are reached. I guess it doesn't really matter that much its a tracking chart after all.

What would be handy is an autovoter. Might have to go searching to find one of those.


I would go with the 50 or the 100

Yea 50 or 100 sounds good, 10 seems a bit small and too easy to get.

Yea 50 or 100 sounds better to move up the tracking with.

Think you are right there

I am sure there is a vote thing out there somewhere, Will let you know if I come across it again

Thanks , let me know

Maybe a weekly chart to start might not show progress, the monthly might look better.

I agree. I'd go with the monthly.

thats 2 for monthly.


Might do a couple week and then move to monthly

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