Circular and loss of victory. Formula 1.

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Known cases when circular pilots were guilty of accidents and loss of victory leading pilots.

German Grand Prix 1982: Eliseu Salazar and Nelson Piquet
Eliseu Salazar from ATS unsuccessfully braked when Nelson Piquet overtook him in a circle, and the Chilean car grabbed the leader Brabham, sending him to the barrier of old tires. After that, Piquet pounced on Salazar with his fists.

Italian Grand Prix 1988: Ayrton Senna and Jean-Louis Schlesser
Ayrton Senna, was in the lead with an orgomim margin and overtook Jean-Louis Schlesser two circles before the finish (the Frenchman was called to replace William Mansell with one race in Williams). Jean-Louis Schlesser made a mistake on the braking, hardly kept within the track and crashed into the back wheel of the Brazilian. Senna launched with a broken suspension, and he could not continue the almost won race. And this is the only race in the season that McLaren did not win.

Belgian Grand Prix 1998: Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard. The race was raining, a rain liltakoy that nothing could be seen except the red light of the stop signal. Michael Schumacher, who was in the lead, caught up with David Coulthard who was lagging behind in a circle, but in a veil of spray hit him from behind, broke the suspension and got off.

Brazilian Grand Prix 2001: Jos Verstappen and Juan-Pablo Montoya. Jos Verstappen on Agroves, who was lagging behind in a circle, hit back into the head of the peloton Juan-Pablo Montoya and demolished the rear wing, with the result that the race for both was over. The son follows in the footsteps of his father. Heredity...

Brazilian Grand Prix 2018: Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen on fresh tires tried to get back in one circle with leader Max Verstappen, but eventually the riders collided. Max continued the race but Hamilton was the first to finish.
Of the five cases, 2 belong to the pilots by the name of Verstappen.

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