Fork Delta Decentralised Crypto Exchange Review - Live Trades

in fork-delta •  4 months ago

The Fork Delta is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of unknown cryptos you can trade on.

During this exchange review, you can watch me place buy orders, withdraw and navigate around the platform.

The interesting thing about Fork Delta is that every time you do a trade it is written to the blockchain.

As a result, the process is a little slow but not too bad.

I think this is the future of cryptocurrency exchanges but it isn't there just yet. We'll need to wait for the processing and transaction speed to increase before it becomes more mainstream.

You tube video link :

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A little confusing for new users, but overall very solid.

I would agree that decentralized, worldwide accessible exchanges is the right place to go. My personal preference for choosing between such exchanges is Switchain since it compares the rates of a few of them and shows you the best deal. But certainly many options are out there.