Forward Ever

in forgiveness •  11 months ago

" The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom ".
Most people today are compromised by the fear of their past; hence, it leads to guilt and low self-esteem, which hinder them from achieving their goals to the expected height.
When people like this remember their past, the fear of the unknown and what people will say, they go through a lot of emotional trauma, they feel bitter, scared, guilty and restless; thus, some may even commit suicide.
Nowadays, we hear a lot of suicide cases.
"Fear of the past"
Learn to forgive yourself.
Yes, people have heard, seen and witnessed your past, is ugly.....
People must have something to say, let them talk.
Most people have ugly past_ you aren't the only one. Free yourself !! Share your ugly past today and motivate others tomorrow.

Forward Ever, Backward never
Don't allow the fear of your past to hinder your future
Say No To Low Self Esteem ❌❌❌

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True talk a head full of the past has no dream for the future