Power of Forgiveness

12 words that summarize all the spiritual teachings, religions and the spiritual journey. "i love my heart, i love my soul, i love all humanity"... Life should be lived around those principles. I love my heart, i love my soul tells us to honor and respect karma, cause and effect of thoughts, words and actions. It reminds us on the reality that we are eternal beings (meaning after death we are not just gone. We then are basically still who we are now, better start developing and evolving today... To realize we will be forever gives life a whole new concept... Let go of ego, attachments, greed, desire for name and fame and more, let go of stories told by yourself and start living and loving each moment unconditionally). Loving our souls is loving our true nature, ourselves and we don't want to bring ourselves more trouble in the future right? I love all humanity reminds us of our purpose. Try to share and give what you have... Give it all, share it all because we love everyone like ourselves. With this in mind we will naturally develop and succeed in our so-called business... Because success comes from sharing. Humanity, in this case, includes all beings, animals, aliens. No distinctions for true love. Hao

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