Day 3 - The importance of the commitment statement

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Self-forgiveness for me has been genuinely life changing. All for the best.

But I remember also when I first started investigating and getting into the self-forgiveness structure and how to write it out etc, I at the time saw the self-forgiveness statement specifically as the most vital statement, and basically within that, disregarding the commitment statement.

If you investigate the structure of writing in TOTALITY that Desteni provides (links at bottom) then you will in fact see that the self-forgiveness statement specifically is but ONE part of the totality of bringing forth genuine change.

So, this was the error I made, myself. I was still writing out commitment statements (as one learns in DIP Lite course for beginners/anyone interested in this whole process of self-change and improvement) but after I finished that course and I was writing for myself/blogging publicly, I either wrote very little of actual commitment statements, or, when I did write them out, they were too general and didn’t get to the ‘heart’ of the matter, the actual change that I required to bring forth.

Fortunately, when I decided to start on the next course (DIP Pro), I had buddy support and it was stated to me about my commitment statements, how they were quite lacking. And it did make total sense, because whilst my self-forgiveness statements WERE working, in that I was letting go of these points that had directed me in life and so I had created this blank slate so that I can create myself in moments/life that is what is best for all, from then, and because I lacked the appropriate commitment statement, I didn’t know what to do or what direction to head towards.

That commitment statement is me telling myself HOW and WHAT I am going to do with this new blank slate and HOW I am going to assist myself to choose the best possible course of action and direction. Lol, so I was absolutely only going half of the way there to any appropriate change.

Not to also mention the part before that, the realisation statement, which one writes out to see the errors of one’s ways and also actually leads into the commitment statement because the realisation statement can provide a framework as to the structure of the commitment statement.

So, I had those parts working overall quite effectively for myself, the self-forgiveness statement and the realisation statement. I thought that was enough, but no lol.

The reason I have brought up this whole topic/post, is because in my recent writings especially, I have seen that a lot of the time I go straight into the commitment statement. Why, because I have already done the necessary self-forgiveness previously, even months before lol, so I am catching up with myself and seeing that I need to put in a plan of action and live that plan of action for myself.

So, my advice to anyone would be not to skimp on any of the finer details!

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