Stellar Developments

in forex •  8 months ago 


It was reported recently, BitGo's blockchain security company, announced their support of Stellar Lumens (XLM). Being added to the BitGo's list, Stellar now receives custody solutions. Their users will be able to generate wallets for Stellar Lumens. This is said to be starting at some point within the next couple of weeks. Elsewhere, as previously reported, the Stellar Foundation at the start of this month released their heavily anticipated decentralized exchange, StellarX.

The original Steller SLM token has not been able to comply. This has been the case since early July. The price increase we saw was quickly sold on the market. This market has led to trading in a permanent consolidation model. Price action is tightening given the short-term trend observed. This is a surprise to a certain extent, as the Stellar Foundation was certainly busy.

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