Cryptocurrency in Iran

in forex •  6 months ago


In a country where the government controls the story, the threat posed by Donald Trump to the renewal of sanctions significantly affects domestic markets.

At this moment, the Hachtag is heading for the "falling dollar" and is carrying photographs of people throwing them. Then it appeared in the local media. You do not need to read Farsi to get the essentials here.

FUD appears to be a nationally coordinated dollar.The US dollar has fallen against the Iranian riyal on the black market.

No wonder localbitcoins on the web of e-peer-to-peer reports a steady increase in the size of bitcoins in the last month.

According to a well-connected source from Iran's BTC community, Iranians do not use the localbitboins website above. Although it is impossible to trace all BTC volumes, due to the unknown nature of currency crypto-currencies, the feeling is that usage is increasing dramatically in the country.

Look, as I'm telling you all the time, as long as the US dollar is a safe haven, Pitcairn's value declines relative to that. However, as soon as this dynamic begins to collapse, the use of the bitquin as a store of constant value suddenly begins at the ceiling.

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