Before the curve

in forex •  5 months ago


This may just be the case of "rumors bought, news sold", because the purchase of XRP occurred in the run-up to the launch of XRapid rather than waiting for his arrival. One might think that sales have already occurred, especially given the weight of XRP sales at the end of last month. In the XRP market, $ 13 trillion was destroyed by 60% of total market losses. You can read more here.

In short, Ripple's XRapid is a tool that allows instant transfers between paper currencies, using XRP as an average man. This has been possible immediately for France, for example, where it will be converted into euros using the current exchange rate.

The permanent symbol (XET) on the market's cover is a hundredth. The XET + currency grows by 1000% in less than two weeks in their community, but since the eternal symbol also works with international currency conversions, one wonders if investors are at least one of the XRP - or at least one coin in the same niche market ....

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