GBP/USD DCA Reverse Strategy - sophistication update

in #forexlast year

It's been about 2 weeks since my last trade update as I was contemplating how to further improve my strategy. I realized that most of the month I get stuck in a drawdown so decided to only open the trade in the best location and time of the month...I noticed that every 20th of the month - GBPUSD just starts a new cycle - and I don't wanna be on the wrong side DCA-ing it anymore so I'll just wait for that day now...even though the last 3 months did a profit of around 33% in total, it was still very risky - so this change to my trading style is really needed.

My current BTC balance is a bit higher now too thanks to a small trade last week: 12 702.75 BIT.

So now, I'm waiting for price to reach this level - hopefully around the 20th of September where I'd go SHORT around that area and time:


💎MY MISSION is get to a level where I would end every month in profit.💎
DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advise. Remember, most traders lose money.

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