Post 3: EURAUD analysis

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euraud 4h.png
euraud Day.png
Now, EURAUD, is super overbought on the daily chart as you can see above, and we have found a trend on the 4h, where it is bouncing off and off countless time. If we can break this support line, best believe we will see a massive drop. I think it will drop to the first FIB level. When this happens we can do a retracement and start plotting potential movements. I entered this trade maybe a day ago and right now im praying for a 40-80 pip drop! Looking at our RSI on both charts, we should defintely expect RSI's to drop!

Like always guys, make sure to analyse all advice to the best of your ability before entering any trade! Use a stop loss! Use an RSI and one more indicator; STUDY how to use that indicator BTW don't just use it!! Check corresponding pairs and always always manage RISK!
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Dreamants i'm going to start doing something new with every post I add from now on; With every little post i'm going to be adding a picture of me and a little story of what i've been doing or planning just so you guys can get to know me a little more! I really hope on being able to build a little community of traders, where we can all learn to be successful and be just absolute lions in life!

So the above post i'll be adding with every post, but everything below here will be my little life short stories:

Story Time W/ Luis Lizama:
Alright guys hey what's up! I just got back from work and i've been wanting to post this analysis before I have to head back. Right now i'm just waiting for my little sister to get back from school. I hope you guys have been looking at my last few posts I made. TNDM a stock that I signaled a long time ago is almost up 2x the price where I had mentioned it !!!! Right now FNKO is HOT :) BTW if you guys have any questions for me about investing or stocks or whatever. PLZ ask me in the comments! Don't be shy. Yo also check this song out! Its LIT.

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