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Since I put this money there in 2017 early , every year it brings $66,000 profit. That's $6600 monthly at ( 6.6% return PA.)

You happy to go home with this return until you heard about forex.

The same person who was happy going home with $6600 profit on $1 million investment is now gunning to make $1 million profit in 30 days which is 100% return, they call it ( Doubled my account)

Now tell me why wouldn't this person loss? If trading was that simple don't you think government around the world would open a trading account put billions of dollars on it and trade it to boost their economy with the profit? Because its a very dangerous industry they won't do it.

Do you know why Banks hardly loss? Because Banks don't chase 100% monthly. Banks and hedge funds are happy with that 21.2% growth PA and maximum 40% PA. Because they know they will just pay people who put money on fixed deposit, 31 days notice their 6.6% and keep 15.3% to themselves. They trade with this $1 million u see on this pic , make $220,000 (21.2% PA) from this 220k they pay me $66,000 the rest is there's.

So in conclusion one day leave impatience at home. Leave greediness of trying to flip ur account at home, then implement strict money management targeting 20% growth PA on money u put in forex account lets see if market will still fuck you like now.

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