EURUSD - Chart - Trade Plan - Daily Outlook - 04 - 04 - 2018

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  • Not much change on EU. Still in bearish move. Will keep shorting as long as it stays below 2345. EU has been treating me so good this week. My strategy was working very well so far. I will try a long around 2154 (next strong support) if it drops down there.

  • Today 1H chart(04-04-018):

EU 4-4-2018.png

  • My plan now: I just closed the second short at 2285 for (+45 pips). The 15m/1h charts look mixed right now, I hope that EU will give a spike up just above 232ish/234ish again then continuous dropping down further to the next support level at 2239/2154. Also pending long around 2154 area. EU still has a minor support at 2239, not sure if I go long there...

  • 2281 atm

  • So far since I moved to Steamit I have the record for my live trade:
    Steamit - EURUSD - 2018 : [(25+53)+(14)+(52)+(-2)+(-42)+(-20)+(23+14)+(-6)+(14)+(72)+(82)+(10)+(26)+(-14)+(46)+(-3)+(14)+(8)+(24)+(10)+(60)+(-14)+(21)+(-17)+(55)+(45)] = +550

  • Thank you for your support, upvote and restreem!

  • This is my personal view, hope this can help your trading idea.



While I am posting this, EU just drop to 2277. I broke my trade plan. Should hold this for either hit my SL or 2154 area. I got 100 pips+ this week so far, do not want to donate back!

Keep pending long above 232ish/234ish! bbl ! good luck!

Another nice one. Your on your way.

Thank you for your support!
I need to reach my goal with 2000 pips+(roughly 100k+) at the end of 2018

4h/daily charts are below most of SMA/EMA. Shorting any rallies near resistance levels for now. Waiting for a spike up to jump in again, really do not want to miss the train.

Looks like no chance for above 23ish entry. I should wait and close the trade near 2239 or 2154. I broke my plan again.

LL and LH pattern there. No sign for rebound yet. It was 35 pips lower than where I closed my second position. I should have kept my plan. 2154 is where I will look for.
2248 atm

Quick scalp at 2236, will be out soon!
forex position.jpg


Quick scalp at 2236, will be out soon, watch for update!
+/- 15 pips
forex position.jpg

It drop lower than 2239, I would not hold for long, 15-30 mins max!
Watch for either hit 2221 or 2251 !

Could hold for 20-25 pips too but 15 pips in hand is safer.

2295/233ish still a Resistance zone. I will jump in short again anytime around that area.

Yub, it retrace up to 2262, 26 pips up from my entry. I should wait for at least 20 pips ... getting better next time.


Done for another +15 pips, out at 2251, it just retraced up to 2262
I got another magic week again, look it up on my chart!
OMG EU.png

EU just made a lower low at 2235(previous 2239).
The downtrend still strong, I will wait for 2154 area to buy this pairs.
It dropped 50 pips more after I closed my short at 2285.
I need to stick with my plan next time ... lol
So far so good for this week...
2241 atm

2222 now, feeling really bad, broke my plan, should have kept my short until 2154 area.... :)
bbl later, will update chart tonight.
Have a good day!

Below 2239(previous week low), EU has room for 2154, just a reminder again.

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