Forever Has Fallen platform

Forever Has Fallen platform

Forever Has Fallen-a global game of transmedia, with an online economy used to use markers utility Forever Coin; based on a business model to generate multiple sources of income, including FIAT currencies. The strategic use of the total number of tokens allows you to Finance the completion of the game and provide support for the utility token when the game starts.


This company plans to make a unique video game using the virtual economy. He wants to introduce his cryptocurrency into the game on Blockchain technology. To verify ownership of digital goods and status, a secure technology that everyone trusts will help.


Forever Has Fallen (FHF) is directly supported by reliable resources and renewable Blockchain technology that create the best gaming experience for users. FHF creates a smarter gaming environment using BL Blockchain technology, makes it better with community features. FI-if supports an experienced team in its field, which will ensure the security and stability of the services used by users. FHF innovate in providing a powerful and intelligent gaming system the advantage of the ever-growing gaming industry.Some of the things that will be covered in this article include;•Blockchain Gamification
• Market and brand strategy
• Forever Coin Token

The problem and the solution

It is strategically important to use the total number of tokens at different stages Of the game the first token sale event involves the sale of 35% of the total currency. With an Ethereum rate of 1 ETH = Forever Coin (FC) , for a hard sell of 35,000 ETH. This currency will give players the rights and privileges of the game. The funds can help to increase the gaming experience, promoting the game in the market without obstacles. Further, after the sale of 45% of tokens, advertising promotion of the game at launch and support of the game token will be available. Forever Coin will be sold at retail for$ 0.50 per unit, through the company’s website. However, it is possible to establish a different market price per token. Sales of 45% will deliver “fuel” to the economy of the game, will attract and stimulate, reward gamers in the game. Will provide scaling for creating and growing content.

How it works

Blockchain provides a new gaming experience and becomes a master book for player status, achievements and digital goods. Smart contracts provide an opportunity to reward players who contribute, create and recruit players for the game, which in turn provides an exceptional level of scalability to create gaming experience and marketing. In this regard, it is a rare sale of tokens. Token buyers can also be active members of the community to influence the popularity of their tokens, along with other digital goods.

ICO details

Name: FC
Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC)
Platform: Ethereum ERC20Token sale event offers 35% of the total token supply to 1et = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC), 2800 ETH soft cap and 35,000 ETH hard cap. Buying a game token grants the player rights and privileges in the game. The funds received will complement the global experience-the game, as well as Marketing against gamers in the untested market space.The business plan has strategies to meet variations in ETH values, in order to enter the market with world-class games/services.After the sale of the game token, 45% of the total tokens will be available to create the popularity of the game at its launch and to support the game token. Forever Coin utility tokens will be sold for $ 0.50 per token through the Forever has Fallen market. As a ​retail price, we are free to set pricing to suit market conditions. This is 45% of the total number of tokens fuels the game economy, to attract, motivate and reward players of the game, as well as provide scalability for creating and growing Content.


Forever Has Fallen is committed to developing a gaming system that will work more reliably and intelligently for the user. Using professional blockchain technologies. Forever Has Fallen platform will bring users an entertaining experience they have never experienced before. The FHF platform will develop a safe and transparent gaming system for users and ensure the absence of data manipulation and breakage. Forever Has Fallen believes that the game system that was developed will give the user.

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