Forest man

in forest •  10 months ago

Aziz,iranian caveman who led the mountain for his love failure and cave for 55 years.He describes the cause of his love failure:
I was 20 when I fell in love with a girl named Negar.Negar was very beautiful, and if I did'nt see her one day I would be crazy.Negar was a good horse rider but one day she fell on the horse and died.After Negar's death, life became hard for me.I went to the forest without purpose.After a few days of wandering,i found a small cave and decided to live there.

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Was the pain of love so great?

together we are successful

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living in an overcrowded city such as San Diego- I oftentimes wish to live in a cave in the cliffs --or- the canyons- for at least a week