Ethiopia Bans Foreign Adoption

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In 2005, actress Angelina Jolie adopted her daughter, Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt when the girl was 6 months old.

According to the country's state-run News agency ENA, Ethiopia has banned the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families causing concerns over abuse.

Back in November, Ethiopian officials suspended adoptions, but they did allow pending cases to go through the process, according to the US Department of State.

Children adopted by foreign families in the past have been exposed to "various crimes and social crisis in the country they grew up in," ENA said.

A US couple was convicted in the death of their 13-year-old daughter, whom they adopted from Ethiopia back in 2013. Her name was Hanna Williams and she died from "hypothermia brought on by malnutrition and being forced to remain outside on a cold rainy night," according to court documents back in 2011.

Her mother was convicted of homicide by abuse in the first degree, while her father was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree. Both are currently serving prison time.

on October 29, 2013, a few hours after the sentencing of Larry and Carri Williams, members of Seattle's Ethiopian community gather around the grave of Hana Williams.

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More Info: Abuse Guide - 2017.

it's terrible when the freedom of A is infringed because of what B has done, or because of what happened to C.👍

she has a genuine heart

Was this case (Hanna Williams) isolated or is there a trend of adopted children being harmed by their foster parents?

It's a good move by the government, if anyone wants to adopt, they should do that not with a foreigner am sure that will guide against unnecessary maltreatment of the adopted.

Good post dear friend
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A people is getting spoiled may be there is a lot of reason.But adoption should not stop because it gives some poor children a better chance to live a good life.Thats a great work to raise others children.upvoted

Thanks for this update. It's not my habit to check the news this day. But I appreciate you for sharing this

I'm been sceptical about this decision made by the Ethiopian government... It's not totally a very good one... I feel because there are some bad news and ill treatment on adopted children by some lunatic couples shouldn't stop other kind hearted souls with good intentions from adopting a child.
They should probably just make the procedure tougher!

I don't understand people. Why go through all the effort of adoption, just to mistreat this person you have promised to take care of. It makes no sense to me. @ironshield

Ethiopia should develop a more strict approach to this I think. The adoption of this principle would serve the people better.

I do not know if it is a good measure, I understand the situation and what has happened to reach this determination, but I believe that not all people are equal, not all abuzan of children, I believe that the correct measure serai a better analysis of the profile of the adopter, more studied spcologicos and things that can lend these inclinations
excelete material dear friend @joseph, mucho sgracia spor share
I wish you a great start to the week

That's so inhumane. Coming from Americans. It's a pity.

good post..I always follow you