Press release / briefs ( Zev m Lapidus is the RAT )

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Press Release :
NJWeedmans 3 upcoming Court cases ( dates )

City of Trenton vs Njweedman - I came to Trenton to sell turkey burgers and chicken wings.

1- Oct 31 - 9am
Mercer County Superior Court - (issue) - indictment arraignment for "cyber-bullying" for hurting officer Herbert "TENDERBUTT" Flowers feelings (lol) - and another renewed demand by plaintiff to compel Prosecutors Office to provide ALL discovery and legal briefs. Read:

Zev M Lapidus is the RAT that Mrs Katz protects from the media

2- Nov 2 - 1pm
municipal Judge set to rule on Motion to dismiss all "hours of operation" charges (Feb - Sept). The trenton police bogusly issued over 20 tickets for staying open after 11pm and related misdemeanors. This was the geneses of our problems with the authorities - Captain Gonzales couldn't comprehend statue, misinterpreted it. Retaliated when I refused to comply. Read:

3- Nov 7 (??)
Federal Civil court - (issue) - The City of Trenton has motioned to court to dismiss civil suit (2nd attempt), they want oral arguments. (in looking at their motion) I find it funny that the City of Trenton's lawyer also fails to acknowledge the police misconstrued city statute 146-22 and started all this! (see attached motion)

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