French art school caught photoshopping students to give them darker skin and adding black people who don't even attend into the photo

in forceddiversity •  5 months ago

In the photo posted on Twitter , the skin of some students was dark while black students were added, according to the website Rue89Lyon. After these revelations, a spokesman for the school denied "any intention to manipulate reality". According to him, these "coarse" touch-ups were made by a communication agency responsible for producing the promotion website of the Lyons school in the United States, where it plans to open a facility "within two years".
Since then, the school has suspended access to the website and broken its contract with its US provider, while apologizing to those affected by the changes to the photograph.


My question is why didn't they add a gay couple kissing or something too? This is 2018 god dammit!

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As the old sayin' goes believe half of what you see and NONE of what you hear.............

Well, its an Art school!

But: Before and after is wrong. Those are two different pictures, many people have moved, just look at one of the two girls in front.

Those things can happen by a trick of lighting (yes, even such selectivly, had something similar happen to a family photo myself), not by a trick of PR agency, though it is very unlikely that nature is at fault here.

I guess that PR agency was just a student fo the university in first year lol

I almost don't believe it...They might as well just have a 'we are not racist' slogan to prove they are diverse by all means. This is crazy. Racism is a mental illness IMO but forced diversity is pure bullshit

That's Funny

OMG that's so sad....