Yes, @norbu -- I know you like JJ Cale. Did you know this song already? Here's one of the phrases:
"My ills are reticulate
My woes are granular
The ants weigh more than the elephants".

Sometimes it seems like our little problems all add up to more than the big ones we ignore...

I've never done a transfer before, so I will add another comment here when I think I have done it. If you can comment to me, that would really be helpful, too. Thanks for playing my tiny contest! :D

Thank you! Yes I received the reward of 2 steem and thank you for the contest! And yes I had heard the song before and her lyrics are intriguing, but what I like about her tunes most is the wacky beat and the haunting voice which reminds me of an old favorite of mine!

But in the song, I really like this part

I can love the same man in the same bed in the same city
But not in the same room, it's a pity,

That part is truth sometimes! It was funny to me that a post about mushrooms would connect to her music in some way. But it's true. Music connects with so many things.

Music connects with so many things.

Second that. :)

I made the transfer. If you get it, please let me know. Thanks!

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