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RE: Slippery Jack - An under-appreciated wild edible mushroom - 100% original - Part 1 - Foraging

in #foraging7 years ago (edited)

Great post!! . These mushrooms grow everywhere, and taste great with scrambled eggs. In Easter Europe, I have not only picked them from the forest but also from under the pine trees around my house.


Thanks! I'm glad you get to enjoy Slippery Jacks! I've never put them in eggs, but I will do that next time! In part 2, I will show the different ways I have been using them in the kitchen. I wish more people knew the fun and tasty results of eating wild mushrooms!

How did you learn your mushrooms? That would make a nice post for the Foraging tag - hint!

I will see what I can do about the post. I simply don't know if I make an interesting storyteller, but I will try. :D

I think it will help other people realize that we all start somewhere in learning our wild mushrooms. So many people are afraid of them. And they don't know where to start.

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