Glad you enjoyed this post -- part 2 is on its way! If you have pines in Iowa, you probably have the Slippery Jack lurking around. He's in the northeast US and other parts of the world, too - not just here in the Pacific Northwest.

Wow! Nice work on those morels, too! That makes me all warm inside - they are so delicious, and fun to find. It's like a treasure hunt! It looks like you know how to hunt them well. I'll look forward to a post from you about your tricks and tips, for the @foraging-trail! :D

Yeah, it is a treasure hunt. They are so elusive. My dad had a pond and these popped up everywhere on the dam. I will post more morel topics in the future!

It's nice when they come up in a handy place like that. I'm looking forward to your morel posts. Morels are among the best of all the wild mushrooms, I think.

Growing up I never ate mushrooms. Then, in my twenties, I tried Morels. I loved them so much that I began eating other types of mushrooms and enjoying them. I was missing out!

(I haven't eaten the hallucinogenic variety, though!)

I think morels were my first wild mushroom to eat, too. We kids would help my dad look for them every spring. We should both be pretty thankful for the morels! Where I live, there are a lot of folks looking for the hallucinogenic ones. They are all over the place - all over. But I've never tried any, either, even though I eat a lot of different wild mushrooms.

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