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Brand NEW @nextcolony BLUEPRINT to BUILD the Scout Minerva Laser Ship!

You CANNOT buy them in the @nextcolony STORE.

They have to be found during a successful EXPLORATION in the @nextcolony GALAXY.

Only have 1!

Below is the description from the @nextcolony website about the Scout Minerva.


Scout Minerva

Scout Minerva is a tiny ship, which has been developed by the Flesssk people as a toy for their youngsters and as a training ship used in the education of their future star-force pilots.

Uranium consumption per coordinate point: 0.001

  • Speed (coordinate point per hour): 1
  • Storage capacity: 1
  • Laser: 1

Structure: 1 / Armor: 1 / Shield: 1

  • Required Ship Skill: Scout lvl. 20
  • Required Building Skill: Shipyard lvl. 6
  • Required Building Level: Shipyard lvl. 6

Cost: 48 C, 24 Fe, 12 Cu, 6 U

[FOR-SALE] @nextcolony Scout Minerva BLUEPRINT [FOR-SALE]

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Just a heads up I think they MIGHT stop giving SD when you purchase items in the STORE like blueprints and stuff.

NOT REALLT SURE, just read a comment.

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neatly you were right. it's a logical reason!

Yeah so I started buying BLUEPRINTS now!

Got about 25K SD!


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