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Brand NEW @nextcolony BLUEPRINT to BUILD the Cutter Orchis Laser Ship!

You CANNOT buy them in the @nextcolony STORE.

They have to be found during a successful EXPLORATION in the @nextcolony GALAXY.

Only have 1!

Below is the description from the @nextcolony website about the Cutter Orchis.


Cutter Orchis

Cutter Orchis were discovered in the ruins of a huge city on the Planet Drakon. Nobody knows any more about the history of the ancient race that once constructed these wonders - but their plans work until today.

  • Uranium consumption per coordinate point: 0.001

  • Speed (coordinate point per hour): 2

  • Storage capacity: 10

  • Laser: 1

Structure: 6 / Armor: 4 / Shield: 2

  • Required Ship Skill: Cutter lvl. 20
  • Required Building Skill: Shipyard lvl. 10
  • Required Building Level: Shipyard lvl. 10

Cost: 64 C, 32 Fe, 16 Cu, 8 U

[FOR-SALE] @nextcolony Cutter Orchis BLUEPRINT [FOR-SALE]

Thank you for stopping by!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

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how many SD for this blueprint ?

$ 1.25 = 8 STEEM or 4000 SD FOR THIS BLUEPRINT Cutter Orchis

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Okey i gift you 4000 SD now

Sounds good! I will gift this blueprint after receive.

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Thank you @hdmed

Enjoy your NEW BP!

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I put up for sale laser ship for sale CRUISER ECEZA for 1500 SD each!

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So good , do you have other laser blueprint for sell ?

Not yet maybe later today ir tomorrow.

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luck smiles on you again 🎅


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Next one will be more bigger. sure!!

Lol. Hope so!


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what does mean blueprint_06 ?

Carrier Unicorn BULLET SHIP cost me 49 STEEM

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this ship cost 90 000 SD in the merket !

BLUEPRINT not ship.

I selling the normal CARRIER ROCKET SHIP for only 5000 SD under cryptocrusaders

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