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in for-sale •  17 days ago 

I am selling ALL 7 UNCOMMON @nextcolony PLANETS pictured in this post which can be bought with STEEM/SBD ONE BY ONE after receiving mutual agreed amount.

  • 2 Uncommon Ore
  • 2 Uncommon Atmosphere
  • 2 Uncommon Copper
  • 1 Uncommon Coal

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and if you would also like to ADD additional @nextcolony SHIPS to your order.


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Nice, how much does it cost each of them.

Depends on location and how much each planet produces each day. (Skill Levels)

According to your location GD2 and GD3 is closest to you @hdmed

Name a fair price for one or both.

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Planet GD3 is the least expensive since it was just found days ago and has little resources. ===>>> https://partiko.app/frankcapital/for-sale-new-found-nextcolony-uncommon-coal-planet-with-the-id-pzxepb3vnruo-and-the-coordinates-150523-for-sale-ap7x0ris?

How does 10 STEEM sound?

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I will take 3 planets (GD2, GD3 and CC7) in exchange for a RUNE 20% BOOSTER whitch equal 99 STEEM. That is a very good deal.
What do you think about ? or if you have other suggestion !

40 STEEM for CC7 and 40 STEEM GD2 and only 10 STEEM for GD3 which equals 90 STEEM TOTAL.

I would have to make another post to sell the RUNE 20% BOOSTER which I might NOT get 90 STEEM.

I prefer 90 STEEM please.

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I will accept to exchange RUNE 20% BOOSTER for 2 planets in your choice. That is good deal for you too.

Okay okay @hdmed

CC7 and GD3 both planets for your RUNE 20% BOOSTER.


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Sorry for the delay, Okay bargain concluded.
I will gifts you RUNE 20% BOOSTER ?

No problem.

Yes please send RUNE 20% BOOSTER to @frankcapital and after I receive it @frankcapital will GIFT CC7 AND GD3.

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