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Don't like waiting to build ships and want to EXPLORE and BATTLE today?! Now is your chance to purchase @nextcolony Transporter III.

Normally would take almost a day to build and that's if you have the required LEVEL and RESOURCES.

Transporter III

The transporter III is the largest transporter and has an enormous loading capacity. This transporter is particularly suitable for extensive transports. Transporter III has a weak defense.

Uranium consumption per coordinate point: 0.01

  • Speed (coordinate point per hour): 3
  • Storage capacity: 1200
  • Civil

Structure: 50 / Armor: 0 / Shield: 0

  • Required Ship Skill: Transporter lvl. 20
  • Required Building Skill: Shipyard lvl. 16
  • Required Building Level: Shipyard lvl. 16

Cost: 1664 Coal, 832 Ore, 416 Copper, 250 Uranium

Only have 2 avaliable READY to be DEPLOYED to your planet but have MORE in different parts of the @nextcolony GALAXY. Please inquire or comment which coordinates is suitable to you and @frankcapital can REACH out to the closest @nextcolony PARTNER that can fulfill your order.

Thank you for stopping by!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

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How much is it?

$3.00 each = 22 STEEM

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