Hello @charleswealth, I don't think you have posted in @worldoffootball, or is it intended??

Plz can you put me through on how to go about it?

Copy and paste the post in the worldoffootball community then delete the old one... do you get it please?

Go to @worldoffootball community

Then you click on the post. That's how you post in a community.
So with yours, you gotta go to "edit" on your post.. then you copy all of the post or possibly "cut" it, then you come to the worldoffootball community and paste it there. It's that simple, do you get it? Just make sure the old one is deleted. After cutting, you can just write (deleted) as the heading for the old one and (no content) as the body since it wouldn't allow you to leave the page blank.
Hope i have communicated.

I cant find the activity log where i can post just like you screenshotted

Hey man

Check your communities. You are in only communities and not even in the @worldoffootball community.
Please go to the main page of the community and join communities. You're only posting on your blog which won't really earn you anything


From your profile, you have less communities. You have to join more.


After joining the worldoffootball community, simply go to your communities like I have done above and click on the community you want to post in ( worldoffootball in this case).

Then it will give you a "post"option like the one below

You then post in that community.
You get it now?

Thank you for your help, i just did

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