Chelsea are thinking about a move for Wilfried Zaha.

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Chelsea could make an offer in January for the skilled Ivorian. Antonio Conte needs all the more assaulting choices and Zaha has awed so far this season. In any case, it's more probable that they will hold up until the late spring in light of the fact that there is a greater possibility that they will have the capacity to get him.

Zaha marked another five-year contract amid the mid year to avoid potential suitors with Tottenham being the top picks around then. Goads have been keen on him for a couple of seasons because of the explicitness that he offers with his spilling capacity. This makes him the perfect player to use against low pieces which Spurs here and there battle with.

A potential offer for him from Chelsea is probably going to reignite Tottenham's advantage, and begin a potential offering war, since they didn't purchase somebody of his range of abilities in the late spring. Child Heung-min is a comparable sort of player, yet he has demonstrated that he can't do this reliably.

His choice to remain at Crystal Palace for this season was most likely impacted by his disastrous move to Manchester United. The move came too soon in his vocation and he couldn't satisfy desires. He finished moving back to his old club, Crystal Palace, after this keeping in mind the end goal to restart his vocation which has functioned admirably. His arrival from damage has seen Palace's shape enhance altogether which isn't an occurrence.

A January move appears to be improbable because of Palace battling for survival. In any case, he is probably not going to remain after this season since he should be in a Champions League group.

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