Any MAN UTD Fans here? What do you think of Sunday's line up?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #football3 years ago

Hey Manchester United fans out there

What do you think of Sunday's line up? I mean it is pretty straight forward I think; there's not much surprise Jose could pull out of his pocket.

In my opinion this is what we gonna look like:


Solid, strong defence

Rashford to start - I think even though Martial is in good form, we will see Rashford starting. He makes the defence tired; Lukaku is a constant threat and he plays an important role with assists too, and Martial with the current level of his confidence can come in and cause some damage and win the game for us with 20 minutes on the clock

My prediction:
Chelsea 1-3 Man Utd

Let me know your thoughts and what your predictions are.

Probably you realised by reading my post, I am a huge Man Utd fan


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