The Elclasico

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It's 1:45 am in the night on a monday morning and you ask me why am I up so late. Well the reason is Football and it's not just any game it is the Mecca of football the Elclasico a football match played between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid two rivals that have a history of over a century of competitive match-ups. This particular match goes beyond just sports I can't really express the feeling being a Barcelona fan that a Catalonia person does, it is a way to tell the central Madrid government the individuality that the Catalonians have through football.

The political condition isn't good in the region in terms between the central government and the Catalonian state with last years election in Catalonia paved way for their independence from the Spanish government there was police brutality and unrest across the region for the following months. Well the two nations have quite indifference between them, their languages, food, culture and even ethics towards the state but what unites them in ways is Football.

A true football fan will never disregard good play from the opposition just like when the Bernabeu stood up when Ronaldinho scored a hattrick for Barcelona back in the day. We must appreciate our legends with Cristiano Ronaldo not there for Real Madrid the respect for the GOAT Lionel Messi should be even higher. Well by the time the match finishes it will be 3 in the morning hope it turns out good for us the scoreline at half time is 0-0. Hoping for a goal from Messi to get the Barca win.

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