Scorum Fan Club Partnerships: What do They Give to Us?

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Scorum blogging platform is the place where passion for sports pays off. Authors and active users are payed for creating content, comments and even up-votes. We’ve been preparing to launch it since the start of the year and in this time have connected with 10 official fan-clubs from 8 countries.

🇰🇼 Arsenal FC Fan Club, Kuwait
🇪🇸 #1 fan of FC Barcelona Pedro Pablo Bonilla Ospina, Spain
🇪🇸 F.C. Barcelona official supporters clubs, Sevilla, Spain
🇨🇴 Colombian Peña Barcelonista Cafetera de Cali, Columbia
🇬🇷 Arsenal FC fans, Greece
🇹🇳 FC Barcelona fan club, Tunis
🇺🇦 Reds Manchester United FanClub, Ukraine
🇲🇽 Arsenals Supporters Club, Mexico
🇨🇴 F.C. Barcelona official supporters club, Columbia
🇷🇺 Die Roten FC Bayern Munich FanClub, CIS

– the first but not the last official partners of the Scorum Blogging platform. Along with our sports ambassadors, these clubs bring together:
1,004,537 Facebook followers
5,632 Twitter followers
40,370 Instagram followers

Why do we need those partnersips?

Football fan-clubs members are famous for their passion for their favourite team. We are sure that exactly such active users will help us in popularisation of Scorum. With the help of Scorum they can earn on their love and passion for their favorite team, while Scorum will benefit from the numerous blog writers and readers.

Fun-clubs will create own blogs where they are going to post the latest news of their community, discuss matches and plan own events. In our turn, we will encourage the activity of our users.

The launch of blogging platform is comming soon. Follow the updates!


The Scorum blogging platform needs to really "Pop" and become both popular and lucrative for great content creators right from the start. There is some very good content here on Steemit that earns almost nothing while lesser posts earn big rewards, that has hurt the Steemit platform. I am expecting Scorum to have a plan in place to fix this and other issues that have hampered the adoption of Steemit by the masses. I am also excited for Steemit as they seem very close to solving these issues and finally blossoming as a unique Social Media platform and we can see both Steem and SCR become some of the most popularly traded currencies in the world.

You really nailed it sir.

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